IMU attends the 8th Inner Mongolia “Grassland Talents” Conference on the Cooperation and Exchange of High-Level Talents and signs formal agreement with Huawei

The 8th Inner Mongolia “Grassland Talents” Conference on the Cooperation and Exchange of High-Level Talents & Main-venue Events in Hohhot about Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week for Talents of Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos and Ulanqab started on the morning of September 25. Wang Lixia, member of the Standing Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region(IMAR) CPC Committee and secretary of Hohhot CPC Committee, and Yang Weidong, member of the Standing Committee of IMAR CPC Committee and director general of the Organization Department of the CPC Committee of IMAR were present at the event and gave their instructions. Zheng Hongfan, vice chairman of IMAR, presided over the opening ceremony.

At the signing ceremony for the key projects, Chen Guoqing, deputy secretary of the CPC committee of IMU and president of the university and Zhao Guohui, general manager of IMAR branch of Huawei, signed the framework agreement on cooperation on behalf of IMU and Huawei.

Agreement Signing

The full cooperation between IMU and Huawei is the alliance of two strong parties and makes them supplement each other. The cooperation of two sides is a measure to put into practice the Agreement on Deepening Strategic Cooperation signed by IMAR government and Huawei in 2019. With its technological advantages in 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Huawei will establish the Innovative Talents Center of Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy at IMU. The two sides will jointly conduct the training and research of ICT innovative talents and start the wide cooperation in the building of the disciplines of big data and artificial intelligence and coordinated innovation and scientific research about ecological big data. The agreement has set a solid foundation for IMU to strengthen its innate power for talent training and scientific research and innovation, improve its ability to serve the high-quality economic and social development of IMAR and help IMAR with the advancement of its digital industry with high-quality innovative talents.  

Chen Guoqing takes a picture with Ming Jialing, a talent brought into IMU by the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Gao Guanglai, vice president of IMU, Du Xiaodong, director of the Organization Department of IMU CPC Committee and Lang Lei, deputy director of the Office of Administration and Party Affairs of IMU and director of Domestic Affairs Office of the university, attended the opening ceremony.

Ming Jialing, who has been brought into the university by the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, went onto the podium as the representative of those who have been selected as Grassland Talents to accept the prize. The research team of Mongolian Intelligent Robot for Education, a team that is with the College of Computer Science of IMU, was also invited to be present at the scientific and technological exhibition at the main venue in Hohhot.

Opening Ceremony

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